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I suppose you could grab a bottle and forget all the worries of the world.  But beyond that this industry is diving into a multitude of ways to support the environment

Vineyards both large and small are embracing farming methods that revitalize their soils without chemicals.  This in turn sequesters carbon which my friends are a huge factor in mitigating climate change.

Beyond that they are reducing their carbon footprints with renewable energy, waste reclamation, & conservation, creating biodiversity on their properties, reducing their impact on the environment by finding new and old packaging methods. Finally, they are looking at the people creating community & Respect within their teams and beyond in their larger community.

Each Vineyard has its own path, its own story. By sharing these stories, they inspire a movement which yes my friend could save the planet.

This Documentary project is going to show an ecosystem of Vintners in their small microcosms, working with nature to create better soil, which in turn creates more vibrant and energetic wines.  Using farming methods like Biodynamics and Regenerative agriculture not only are they making better wine, but also grow trees, vegetables, and animals.  They are creating a living ecosystem that is sequestering carbon, stopping erosion, and is a major solution to helping to solve our climate issues.

The stories of each of these Vintners is interlinked even when they are miles or continents away,

This is a 7-year plan to create a multi-media and experiential path forward, inspiring a younger generation to jump in to farm, providing better food and creating better ecosystems to help take them through the climate change they will be facing.  We will be following experts and farmers doing the work, and telling their stories as an example of the work and determination required to make these changes for the better.

It is a story with many steps along the way, side issues, and other rabbit holes to dive down and explore. We will follow new paths and ideas and incorporate them into the elaborate mesh of this story.  We will gather people along the way to help build path forward, where we are all working towards a better and healthier environment! The end result is show how this process works.

As the Regenerative Organic Alliance motto states, “Farm like the World Depends upon it!”

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